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Why do content marketers and developers love GitBased CMS?

Powerful Tool - Git Based CMS

Faster Together

GitBased CMS allows multiple users to collaborate on content creation and editing.

AI Features - Git Based CMS

Power of Git Version Control

Track changes, roll back to previous versions with no data or bandwidth limitations.

Real Time Sync - Git Based CMS

Simple, yet Powerful

Instead of storing your content in a database, consider committing it to a Git repository. This way, your content is stored in YAML, Markdown(Md) or JSON format that is easily accessible and portable.

Designed for faster editing experiences

Marketers SaaS - Git Based CMS

User Friendly Interface

Git Based CMS turns your content files into an user-friendly interface so that everyone with or without a technical background can create and organize content easily. Changing existing fields or adding new fields has never been easier!

Designers - Git Based CMS

Orchestrate content

You can easily orchestrate content across the different projects. Ideal for agencies with many clients or companies with many projects within the company.

SaaS Writters - Git Based CMS

Manage Organizations

Your team members can work in different branches in the same repository. Thus you can easily manage the contents on your Jamstack website by empowering team collaboration.

Bloggers SaaS - Git Based CMS

Support for SSGs

GitBased CMS supports most common SSGs like Next, Nuxt, Hugo

Don't take our word for it, see what our customers say

James Hudson - Git Based CMS

“GitBased CMS is an excellent choice for headless CMS. As an entrepreneur, I can easily manage my content with GitBased CMS. It saves your time while making content management easier. Welldone GitBased CMS team!”

James Hudson
CEO at Company
Elena Summers - Git Based CMS
Matt Smith - Git Based CMS

“With GitBased CMS, you can manage your content like a pro. I am thoroughly enjoying working with Git-based CMS. It is a fantastic product that seamlessly integrates with git. Kudos to the team behind it.”

Matt Smith
Community Lead
Stuart Newman - Git Based CMS

“GitBased CMS is a superb tool for both technical and non-technical users. It strikes a perfect balance between ease of use and advanced functionality, making it accessible for anyone to manage their website content."

Stuart Newman