Content Management Made Easy with Gatsby CMS

GitBased CMS: The Gatsby CMS for Speed and Simplicity

Git is at the heart of this

Publish your content at the speed of light with Gatsby CMS. Benefit from Git-driven publishing, which ensures reliability and reduces the time and effort required to bring your website to life.

Empowers your team to collaborate

GitBased CMS empowers your team to collaborate effectively and produce highly optimized, static websites utilizing a range of popular JavaScript frameworks like Nuxt. As a versatile and efficient CMS, GitBased CMS streamlines the web development process and helps your team to achieve exceptional results beyond the capabilities of traditional content management systems.

Your content team will love

Empower your content team with direct on-page editing, eliminating the guesswork. Let them take the reins and build new pages with ease using custom components. Give them the freedom to create without limitations.

Effective content editing

Bring your editorial staff to a new level of proficiency with intuitive content modification and robust publishing processes.


Content editors can create new branches and harness the power of Git.


This is useful for making sure that changes to a website are reviewed before merging them into another branch. It is suitable for a variety of scenarios, from simple staging/production publishing workflows to multiple review and staging environments.

Make your content management more efficient with a Git based CMS.
1 - Sync your static site

Connect your GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket repository.

2 - Configure your SSG build

Automate your build by adding environment variables, command line options, custom plugins, and more.

3 - Bring your content team together

Empower Your Content Team: Update Content Automatically with No Developer Assistance - Committed to Your Repo!

4 - Go live with hosting

Host your website on a global CDN to give your customers a great experience with fast and far-reaching access.

Why choose a Git-based Gatsby CMS?
Gatsby is a popular choice for static site generation (SSG) due to its several benefits. Gatsby generates highly optimized static HTML files, which can be delivered quickly to users, resulting in improved performance and faster load times. This can lead to a better user experience and can help improve your website s search engine rankings. Gatsby also has a simple setup process and a straightforward directory structure, making it easier for developers to get started with web development. Additionally, Gatsby provides built-in support for search engine optimization (SEO), making it easier for your website to be indexed by search engines and for users to find your website. Gatsby also supports modern web development features, such as progressive web applications, which can enhance the user experience on your website. Furthermore, Gatsby has a large and active community of developers and users, providing a wealth of resources and support for developers. Overall, Gatsby's fast performance, easy setup, improved SEO, and modern web development features make it a great choice for static site generation.

Do you really need a CMS for Gatsby?

If you're building your website using Gatsby, you might be debating whether a content management system (CMS) is required. The solution is based on your unique needs. A CMS may be the best option if your Gatsby site is complicated or needs several users for content generation and maintenance. With a CMS, you may speed up the process of creating and managing content, have access to sophisticated content management tools, administer a website or blog more easily, and even incorporate e-commerce elements. In other words, a CMS may be very useful for Gatsby websites, especially ones with more complicated requirements.

How could incorporating a drag and drop content editing experience and Gatsby's static site generator benefit your team?

Have you considered using a CMS as a service with Gatsby for your website? The ability to drag and drop content editing is one of the main advantages of using a CMS as a service. Non-technical team members may find it simpler to contribute to the content of your website as a result. You may create a static website with Gatsby and deploy it to a CDN for quicker loading times and improved performance. Gatsby also features a plugin system that enables smooth interaction with well-known CMS systems. The best of both worlds may be yours with this CMS as a service and Gatsby setup: a user-friendly content editing environment and a quick, responsive website.

What are the 3 steps to easily edit your Gatsby website in the Gatsby CMS?

Managing and updating content should be simple if you're using Gatsby to construct a website. Thankfully, there are a number of excellent headless CMS choices that integrate perfectly with Gatsby. In this article, we'll demonstrate how to use the Gatsby CMS's JSON and MD editors to quickly change your Gatsby website.

First, select the ideal headless CMS for Gatsby. For your Gatsby website, you must first select the best headless CMS. There are many excellent options available, but some of the most well-liked ones are Sanity, Strapi, and Contentful. Choose the CMS platform that best meets your needs from the variety of features, integrations, and pricing options offered by each of these platforms.

Step 2: Prepare Your Material in the MD Editor or JSON You can begin building up your content as soon as you've decided on your headless CMS. The majority of headless CMS platforms provide both JSON and MD editors, which let you generate and update content in an intuitive interface. While the MD editor is ideal for blog articles and other text-based content, the JSON editor is fantastic for structured data. If you would rather work with a WYSIWYG interface, you may alternatively utilize the visual editor.

Step 3: Connect Gatsby with Your CMS The headless CMS will need to be integrated with your Gatsby website, which is the last step. Depending on the CMS platform you are using, you can often accomplish this via a plugin or API. You will be able to simply manage and update your content via the CMS interface once your CMS is linked with Gatsby.

The best CMS for Gatsby?

There are a number of CMS choices that work nicely with your Gatsby websites. GitBased CMS is one CMS that stands out, though. GitBased CMS allows for more scalability and can handle higher content volumes without degrading performance by separating the front-end presentation layer from the back-end content management layer. GitBased CMS supports SEO. It can speed up page loading by eliminating the need for server-side content rendering, which decreases server response times. GitBased CMS is a fantastic tool for your Gatsby website, to sum up. It offers users a number of features that make managing and updating website content simple, such as a visual editor and version control.

Are you searching for a free Gatsby CMS?

While a few Gatsby CMS solutions are free, almost all have premium features that call for a fee or subscription. Because of this, it's crucial to study the terms and conditions of any CMS you're thinking about to know which features are available for free and which ones cost money. The best choice for you might be a GitBased CMS for Gatsby. Find out what the Free GitBased CMS for Gatsby can achieve for you!

What is an open-source headless CMS for Gatsby?

A software program known as an open-source headless CMS (Content Management System) enables developers and content producers to organize and distribute material across numerous platforms or channels. The term 'open-source' describes software whose source code is publicly accessible and open to developers' customization to meet their unique requirements. When a CMS is referred to as 'headless,' it signifies that it lacks a frontend or presentation layer. In its place, it offers an API (Application Programming Interface) that programmers may use to access the material kept in the CMS and display it on any frontend platform, such as a website, mobile app, or IoT device.

Why might you want to choose Gatsby as your website generator?

Developers might select Gatsby as their website generator for a number of reasons: Gatsby produces static web pages that load exceptionally quickly, which can enhance user experience and search engine rankings. As Gatsby websites are static, there are no server-side security issues or database vulnerabilities. Because Gatsby websites have pre-rendering and caching features, they can easily withstand enormous traffic levels. Gatsby offers a great developer experience with features like automated code splitting, hot module replacement, and pre-configured webpack. Gatsby offers a vast and expanding ecosystem of starters and plugins that can help your website develop more quickly and add functionality.