Top Free Git Based CMS For Hugo

Git-Driven, Hugo-Powered Publishing with Confidence

Git is at the heart of this

Take your content management to new heights with Hugo CMS. Experience a seamless workflow and enjoy confidence in your publishing process with this collaboration-focused solution that leverages the power of Git.

Empowers your team to collaborate

Revolutionize your content management process with GitBased CMS. Simplify the complexities of website management by synchronizing your site directly with your Git repository. Enjoy effortless collaboration, reduced development time, and increased efficiency.

Your content team will love

Hugo GitBased CMS simplifies content management for static websites by synchronizing your Hugo site directly with your Git repository. This enables developers to collaborate more efficiently, saving valuable time and effort. Your content team will also appreciate the ease of use, as they can make updates to everything from Markdown and HTML, to sections and data files, without the need for technical knowledge. GitBased CMS's user-friendly interface makes it possible for anyone to update the site, regardless of their experience with Git. Best of all, you can focus on creating high-quality content and not worry about the technicalities of website management, thanks to GitBased CMS’s seamless integration with Git.

Effective content editing

Bring your editorial staff to a new level of proficiency with intuitive content modification and robust publishing processes.


Content editors can create new branches and harness the power of Git.


This is useful for making sure that changes to a website are reviewed before merging them into another branch. It is suitable for a variety of scenarios, from simple staging/production publishing workflows to multiple review and staging environments.

Make your content management more efficient with a Git based CMS.
1 - Sync your static site

Connect your GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket repository.

2 - Configure your SSG build

Automate your build by adding environment variables, command line options, custom plugins, and more.

3 - Bring your content team together

Empower Your Content Team: Update Content Automatically with No Developer Assistance - Committed to Your Repo!

4 - Go live with hosting

Host your website on a global CDN to give your customers a great experience with fast and far-reaching access.

Why choose a Git-based Hugo CMS?
Hugo is a fast and flexible static site generator written in GoLang. It is definitely designed to make building and maintaining websites efficient and simple. With Hugo, you can create any kind of website, ranging from simple personal blogs to complex sites like e-commerce websites. Hugo is highly configurable, allowing users to customize their sites with ease.
Hugo s key strength lies in its ability to generate and serve websites fastly, making it ideal for sites that receive a large volume of requests and user traffic. It uses a smart caching mechanism, which enables it to generate pages once and then serve them from memory, resulting in lightning fast load times. Its wide user base means that you can benefit from a large and growing community of users and developers who are constantly working to improve Hugo. Whether you are a seasoned developer or just starting out, Hugo provides an excellent choice for building high-quality and scalable websites.

Do you really need a CMS for Hugo?

Many developers and marketers wonder if they need a content management system (CMS) for their Hugo website. Whether or not you need a CMS for Hugo depends on your specific needs.If your Hugo website is complex, for example an e-commerce site, or requires multiple users for content editing, a CMS may be beneficial for Hugo websites. In summary, a CMS for Hugo can help streamline content creation and management, offer advanced content management features, simplify website or blog management, and provide e-commerce functionality.

Which one is better, Api based or Git based CMS for Hugo?

Headless content management systems (CMS) are becoming increasingly popular among Hugo users due to their flexibility, scalability, and improved performance. Unlike traditional monolithic CMSs, headless CMSs separate the content creation and storage from the front-end presentation layer. This allows Hugo developers to have greater control over the design and layout of their website, resulting in a unique and engaging user experience. Additionally, the ability to easily integrate with other tools and services makes headless CMS a powerful option for Hugo websites, enabling them to deliver content consistently across multiple channels and platforms. With a headless CMS, Hugo users can create high-performing websites that meet the specific needs of their audience, ultimately resulting in improved search engine optimization (SEO) and increased traffic to their website.

How to choose the right content management system for your Hugo websites?

When it comes to managing your Hugo website, selecting the right content management system (CMS) is essential. With so many options available, it can be challenging to determine which CMS will best meet your needs. To help simplify the process, we've outlined some key factors to consider when choosing a CMS for your Hugo website. Look for a CMS for Hugo that is user-friendly and easy to navigate, especially if you don't have a lot of non-technical team members. Look for a CMS for Hugo that is flexible and can adapt to your changing needs over time. Consider the cost of the CMS for Hugo. Consider the features that the CMS for Hugo offers.

What are the advantages of using Hugo?

If you're considering using a static site generator, Hugo is definitely worth considering. As a static site generator, Hugo is fast, secure, and simple to use, and it has a range of benefits that make it a popular choice among developers and website owners. Let’s take a closer look at some of the things that we love about Hugo, including its use of Markdown, its directory-based file structure, its easy-to-use templates, its clean HTML output, and its integration with Cloudflare Pages for super-fast hosting. If you're looking for a CMS that's simple, fast, and easy to use, Hugo might just be the perfect choice for you. So let's dive in and explore what makes Hugo such a great option for managing your website.

Which headless CMS is best for Hugo?

There are several CMS options available that are well-suited for your Hugo websites. However, one CMS that stands out is GitBased CMS. GitBased CMS separates the back-end content management from the front-end presentation layer, it allows for greater scalability and can handle larger volumes of content without compromising performance. GitBased CMS is seo-friendly. Without the need to render content on the server-side, it can reduce server response times and improve page loading speed. To summarize, GitBased CMS is a great tool for your Hugo website. It provides users with a range of features, including a visual editor and version control, making it easy to manage and update website content.

Are you searching for a free Hugo CMS?

Many Hugo CMS options are free, some may have premium features that require a subscription or payment. Therefore, it's essential to read the terms and conditions of any CMS you're considering to understand what features are included in the free version and what features require payment. GitBased CMS for Hugo may be the best option for you. Discover what you can do with Free GitBased CMS for Hugo!

Are there any Hugo hosting tools for Hugo static sites?

Hugo hosting is a type of web hosting service that is specifically designed for websites built with the Hugo static site generator. If you are building a website with Hugo, hosting your site with a Hugo hosting provider can provide many benefits and ensure that your site runs smoothly and securely.

Hugo hosting providers offer a hosting environment that is optimized for Hugo-generated websites. This includes support for Hugo-specific features such as shortcodes, taxonomies, and content types. There are several hosting tools available specifically designed for hosting Hugo static sites.

GitHub Pages : GitHub Pages is a free hosting service that allows you to host your Hugo site directly from your GitHub repository. It provides free hosting, automated deployments, and a custom domain name.
GitLab Pages : GitLab Pages is similar to GitHub Pages. It provides free hosting, automated deployments, and a custom domain name.
Surge : Surge is a simple and affordable hosting service that offers a free plan for hosting Hugo sites. It provides a command-line interface for deploying and managing your site, custom domains, and SSL encryption.
AWS S3 and CloudFront : Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a scalable and cost-effective hosting solution for Hugo sites using Amazon S3 and CloudFront. This solution can handle large amounts of traffic and provides built-in security and scalability features.

What is an open-source headless CMS for Hugo?

One popular open-source headless CMS for Hugo is GitBased CMS. GitBased CMS provides a user-friendly interface for creating and managing content, and it integrates seamlessly with Hugo as a static site generator. GitBased CMS also offers features such as version control, content previews, media management, and collaborative editing, making it a powerful and flexible tool for managing content in a Hugo site. Other open-source headless CMS options for Hugo include Strapi, GraphCMS, and Cockpit CMS. These CMS options offer varying degrees of complexity and flexibility, and they may be better suited to specific use cases or workflows.